Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i am almost finished with the darn fingerless gloves that i started eons ago for a friend. this has taught me an important lesson about promising to knit things for friends: it is much better if you knit something without their knowledge, that way, if you take an enternity to finish it, they are none the wiser.
somehow, i've lost all my yarn needles (*shocking* when you consider i picked up and moved all of my belongings no less than 3 times this summer), so i can't weave in the ends until i rectify that situation. i took some pics last night, and will get them uploaded post haste.
unfortunately, the yumminess of alpaca seems to be a challenge to capture in photograph, even on my fancy new camera - i think in large part because the color is dark grey, which hides the stitch definition.

yesterday, i did two exciting things:

(1) finally bought the deep v argyle vest pattern from eunny. many things about the pattern are somewhere between moderately and extremely terrifying (including, but not limited to: (a) the fact that i've never done fair isle - don't worry, i'm going to practice first, and (b) the STEEKS - um, i'm sorry, you want me to cut my precious knitting?!? CUT?!?). however, i am confident that i'm up to the challenge, especially with eunny's painstakingly detailed and fantastically illustrated directions - seriously, if you've ever thought about buying this pattern - DO IT, it's amazing. it's probably the best $5.25 i've ever spent on on a pattern. i think i've settled on a chocolate and winter white color combo - doesn't that just sound devine? i can't wait to start!!

(2) signed up for the irish hiking scarf knit along. i actually had started the IHS the day prior with some crappy stash yarn, but i decided that i just can't do it with this blahhh acrylic. after working with the alpaca on those fingerless gloves, it feels like sandpaper. i also cannot bring myself to throw yarn away (despite the fact that this stuff clearly came out of some closet in my mother's house and was not even purchased by me in the first place), so back into the stash it goes. i'm ordering something yummy instead (merino, perhaps?) and doing it properly.


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