Thursday, October 19, 2006

first of all, here are the (nearly) finished fingerless gloves. i swear that i tried to buy yarn needles today to no avail (sometimes my LYS is miserably understocked).

later in the evening, i was digging through my stash (which is in desperate need of some organizing) when i found some beautiful debbie bliss cotton angora that i bought on sale last spring, and had completely forgotten about.
i immediately cast on for my IHS and went to town. perfecto!

about two cable rows through i got the crazy idea to try to teach myself english style knitting. a couple rows and numerous twisted stitches later, i decided that a boring swatch of no importance would be a better way to learn. i've got to practice before trying the two-handed fair isle method for the deep v argyle vest! creepy desire to try new things aside, i'm pleased with the IHS so far. there is great stitch definition, and the cotton angora feels lovely. now, if only it would stop being 80 degrees in DC and start being appropriate scarf wearing weather!


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

Hey, your fingerless gloves look just like mine! I haven't gotten around to weaving in all those little strings either. I assume by lys you are referring to Stitch DC. Try Springwater or Knit Happens in Old Town. KH is on Washington and it's not too bad a walk from the metro (I think), I don't know the address for Springwater but both have websites. Or, if you can get to a Michaels they have tons of 'em. Good luck!


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