Friday, October 20, 2006

i hit the jackpot at the LYS yesterday! I went to a location that I've never been to before (Stitch DC in Capital Hill), and was thrilled to find that it is triple the size of the shop that I've been to before (the location in Georgetown, where I always feel like I'm in someones way...because I always AM in someones way).

anyway... I found US size 11 47" addi turbos! i was convinced that i would have to special order it, but by some miracle they had exactly one in stock! i suppose this means that i have no more excuses for ignoring the sweater i am supposed to be making for my sister. It's done using magic loop, which I have not done before, and so far, I completely hate it. I convinced myself that a large part of the problem is my 32" needle. If I can't do it on this 47", then me and magic loop were just not meant to be and my sister is just going to have to settle for another design.

i also picked up some yarn for the steeking in the deep v argyle vest - a wool/mohair blend, as recommended. hopefully the merino that i ordered for it online will arrive soon and i can get to work! AND - i bought sock yarn. I refuse to be intimidated by those tiny dpns any longer. besides, it's socktober, after all. the IHS is going well.

I've just started my second skein of yarn, so I'm officially 1/4 of the way finished.

gratuitous close-up of the sock yarn
IHS progress
my new supplies :-)


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Chele said...

Did you purchase your Addis from Stitch DC? I shop there every so often. It's convenient to get, but a little pricey. You have done some great work. I love the scarf. Where can I find the pattern. It's beautiful!!


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