Wednesday, October 25, 2006

two small snafus yesterday:

i was knitting on the bus (one might think i would be afraid to do anything on the bus other than hold on for dear life after last weeks fall on my tailbone... but one would have to know that i never learn lessons as quickly as might be prudent). somehow i managed to drop a stitch right in a cable row of the IHS. luckily, i realized it right quick in the next row, and had the problem solved with only a moderate amount of frogging necessary.

have i mentioned that i'm a law student? well, i am. a 3L, to be exact. a 3L with a post-graduation job, wireless internet in the classroom, and an addiction to knitting websites. no matter that the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam is in less than 2 short weeks, after the first hour of class, i was fully engrossed in knitting website bliss. About 45 minutes later, the law school gods sought revenge for my inattention: in a classroom of about 125 people, my chair spontaneously collapsed from underneath me. all 250 eyes turned toward me, and the professor stopped class to ask if "everything's okay back there?" i sheepishly picked myself up off the ground, trying to stop laughing, and moved to a new chair, where i went immediately back to looking at knitting websites.


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