Thursday, October 26, 2006

i've entered a new era of crafting: baby things. it's creeping me out and making me feel more girly than ever before, all at the same time.

my cousin is pregnant with a girl due at the end of Feb. she's the first one from my generation, so naturally we're all really freaking excited.
my mom called yesterday about the family tradition blanket. i was at the craft store yesterday anyway (in search of yarn needles, which i did finally manage to hunt down) and so i picked up the necessary supplies: floss, needles, and whatever that hoop is called that holds the embrodery tight. i should get my square in the mail tomorrow, and i'll bang that out and get it sent back home.

of course, i had to look at yarn while i was at the craft store (especially because it was all 25% off). i'm pretty much a yarn snob, but some projects are actually more appropriately done in acrylic-wool blend yarn (like, perhaps, baby things that are going to need to be washed one million times). anyway, i'm totally going to spoil this kid rotten with hand-knitted items because: (1) they are smaller and faster to complete, (2) the home-made-ness factor is always cute on kids, (3) small children have no choice but to wear ridiculous things (like, say, hats made to look like berry tarts), and (4) i can learn how to do new things without committing to the larger scale items.

so, i'm starting with the obvious: traditional baby booties and a winter hat... which i anticipate starting on this afternoon.

which brings me to my next point: the reason that something else can go on the needles this afternoon is because the IHS is oh-so-close to being finished. i've got 50 pattern repeats at the moment, and enough yarn for 2 more, at the most. i had been moderately worried that it wouldn't be long enough (my dad, the recipient, is a tall guy), but i think it's going to be just fine.
i also officially finished the fingerless gloves last night, and they are already being enjoyed by the recipient. i forgot to take a finished picture, but i can probably nab one of her wearing them.

i might man-up and go to SnB tonight. it's in cap hill, where i will be for work anyway. i should really stop being an antisocial knitter.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

Okay, a bazillion questions.
1) What is the pattern for the scarf from about 3 posts ago? It's really pretty.
2) How do you like the Knit Pics yarn?
3) Not a question, a comment. I think it's really cool that you are making baby stuff. I keep promising stuff to people, but I haven't made anything yet. At the rate I am going the babies will be in their teens before I manage to make anything *sigh*


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