Monday, November 06, 2006

mmkay, i'm back.

the combination of weird medical problems (the details of which i won't get into here) and MPRE exam the past week kept me away from knitting and blogging, so i am happy to return!

here's what i've been working on: yes, i finished the Irish Hiking Scarf.
A reader (i think i might only have one, so maybe i should just say "the" reader) asked for the pattern, so it's linked. it is a really simple pattern from hello yarn (memorizable in about 5 seconds flat), and great for metro/bus knitting. i also think it would make an excellent first cable project.

Details: knit on US size 8 Addi Turbos with 4 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora (sorry, I can't locate the colorway at this moment...which is so weird since my stash is amazingly organized...err, nevermind)

i just cast-on for my sister's long-promised cable knit purse. i ordered bamboo circular handles online and they are supposed to come tomorrow, so i just need some fabric for the lining and some ribbon for the finishing touches. oh, and to finish knitting it. i'm making up the "pattern" myself for this one ("pattern" seems to be an overglorified term for a rectangle sewn up the sides). it's essentially my own take on (err, knock off) of this Margaret Nicole purse. I added more cables because... well, who doesn't love more cables??

As you can see from the photo below, i picked a yummy red color to match my sister's gorgeous red herringbone coat. So, the question is... what color for the ribbon & lining? I'm thinking cream colored ribbon and either some black&white gigham fabric or maybe some of that asian-print black&white stuff (it has a name, i'm totally blanking)? Or should i use lilac to match the shoes/purse/scarf i gave her last year for Christmas? What do YOU think?? Laur, if you're reading this -- start giving it some thought, this baby will be ready before Thanksgiving!

Ahh, and now we get to the project that has been the bane of my existance the past week or so: Miss Dashwood from Knitty. Perhaps when you are so perplexed by a cast-on that you have to consult your knitting list-serve before proceeding, it is a sign that you shouldn't do that particular project. Anyway, after finally overcoming the picot cast-on (which you can't even see in the picture because it rolls up, but it does look cute and was not, in fact, difficult), i made a discovery: i HATE bobbles. hate them. anything that requires me to knit and/or purl into 4 stitches at once is horrid, and a job not designed for my precious addi turbos (NOT sharp enough, not even close).

I am also perplexed because apparently i do not own size 6 dpns, which means i have to go buy some before i proceed. i have size 6 straight needles (why? why do i own any straight needles? i never use them. the other day i found some straight aluminum needles amongst my stash and became horribly confused until i realized they must be my very first pair of knitting needles. i got snobby right-quick with my needles). so, i guess i'm going to have to go the the LYS. this, of course, is a dangerous idea because every time i walk into my LYS, i come out with $50 worth of crap i didn't really technically "need".

The last thing consuming my time these days is not technically knitting, but it's crafty, so i'll include it without feeling too guilty. I'm working on an embroidered square for a baby blanket. it's got to be the easiest craft project in the world (except for my mom who has to put all the squares together to actually form a blanket). cute, right?

just one question: the idea is to embroider a square and then embroider your signature on it. which means i feel somewhat compelled to commit to a name to be called by this baby. although i am technically not this child's aunt (it's my cousin's baby), i kind of want it to call me aunt janet (lord knows my sister and i are not going to have children for a damn long time, so if i want to be "cool aunt janet" this might be my only shot). so i am tempted to sign the thing "aunt janet" except i probably won't for fear that the kid will think i'm mentally retarded and can't understand the familial relationship.

one last thing: i want a sewing machine. desperately. i've had one in my cart for like 2 weeks now, and i can't afford it, but i am reasonably concerned that i might buy it anyway. it is so lovely, and imagine the things i could craft!! oh god, i can't buy it. can't can't can't. note to self: you are not a lawyer yet, you are a lowly law student living on student loans, stop buying stuff! but it's factory refurbished and it's a really good deal! and only $1 shipping! No, Janet, no. but, please? absolutely not.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger Linnea said...

I love the yarn you used with your IHS. Maybe I'll try that for my next one - as you mentioned, one can never do too many cables! I'm looking forward to seeing how the red purse comes out. I've been wanting to start a cabled purse for ages but can never come up with/find a pattern that I'm totally satisfied with.

Good luck with the sewing machine search - it's the wrong time of year, but seriously, try garage sales...

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, that red purse looks lovely already!
A lilac ribbon would be beautiful - as would cream.
Or perhaps a black&white stripey one?
Black&white gingham would be a fine choice for the lining.

And I'm sure you'll be the Cool Aunt Janet regardless of the actual to-me-unknown-title in the familial relationship.
A child can never have too many loving aunts - or uncles. And it gives a clearer sense of belonging than .... well, Mom's/Dad's cousin Janet.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

See, you have more than one reader :-). Can I vote on the purse? I vote for the black and white asian print and the cream ribbon. but the lilac ribbon would be nice too...... okay, i'm no help. Thanks for the idea on the purse, i think one of my neices might get a smaller version of it.


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