Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have to tell you: I'm a bad sister.

am i the only one in the world who hates magic loop? because, i have to tell you... i hate it. with passion.
i have started a sweater for my sister so many times now that it boggles the mind. i have tried everything. i bought the most enormously long size 11 addi turbo needles ever created. i practice. i cast on. i get frustrated. i throw the damn thing in the corner and pretend that it doesn't exist. i feel guilty. i start over. i'm going on a hunt for f-ing size 11 dpns because i've truely had it.

my poor sister... she is 22 years old, living at home, doing social work with juvenile sex offenders (and you think your job sucks?), and to top it off i cannot for the life of me finish this damn sweater. i started it over a year ago. it was supposed to be for her 22nd birthday. if i don't give the poor girl a knitted finished object sometime soon, she may disown me permanently.

and it gets worse...

despite the apparent sweater disaster, i decided to knit her a second gift for her graduation (last may). would you believe that this lovely unfinished cable knit purse also haunts my dreams? let me tell you, it does. this time, it's not the knitting. the knitting has be finished for eons. no, it's the finishing. i'll admit it: i'm a crappy sewer. but, man... this takes crappy to a new level. it shouldn't be that difficult. i fold my rectangle of knitting in half, sew up the sides, attach the lining, and attach the whole damn thing to the circular handles. right-o. you should see this thing. i'll take a picture, but it's embarassing, so try not to judge me. the purse doesn't open. the sewing is sloppy and uneven.
i have to rip out all of the sewing and start over again.

in conclusion, you should be glad that i am not your sister.


At 9:57 PM, Blogger Faith! said...

I knit my sister a sweater and the buttonholes were too big for the buttons. I was so relieved to be done with it that I refused to fix them. You're not the only bad sister!


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