Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i'm turning to the knitting blogosphere because i know that no one else could possibly understand the plight of the average knitter 5 days before Christmas (especially if... say, that knitter undertook to knit an entrelac scarf on size 4 needles for the most important boy in her life about a week and a half ago - mid law school finals).

i have been knitting with reckless abandon for the past several days straight. i will finish this scarf. i will be victorious. i will even try to sleep every night between now and then. when he unwraps it, i will smile demurely as i lie through my teeth and tell him that it is "not a big deal".

i just finished my 37th row (1 row of squares = 1 inch). that leaves... 26 more rows to go, according to the pattern. since it takes me just about an hour to finish one row of squares... well, let's not think about this too hard, shall we?

the good news is that... well, forgive me for tooting my own horn here, but... it is really a beautiful scarf. the colors work wonderfully together. the entrelac is interesting without being overwhelming. the yarn is wonderfully soft, and should do a good job keeping any neck toasty warm.

i believe with all of my heart that he will like it. i also believe with all my heart that he will never understand how much of myself i put into this scarf. i am actually reasonably okay with that. i know - i know how much of myself went into the scarf. it is kind of my own little secret.

(pictures coming later)


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