Saturday, December 09, 2006

i'm not dead.... i'm just in finals.

having said that, i let myself have a bout of craftiness yesterday/today to celebrate having not died in my first two finals.

you can tell that it must be finals time, because i am clearly delusional. i found myself in the LYS last night looking for the perfect yarn for a gift for my quasi-boyfriend. yeah, i'm knitting something for someone who i feel compelled to use the term "quasi" when defining our status. i'm obviously insane.
on the other hand, i feel completely in over my head in the relationship in general, so the gift-giving might as well follow suit.

take a look-sy:

Now, astute readers will note several things.
(1) holy crap, janet is doing fair isle knitting. the mitten is "practice" - i learned this morning. i'm gonna frog it, because, despite getting the hang of it fairly quickly, i misunderstood the pattern for how to deal with the chart for the thumb gusset and it isn't quite right. i'm not going to lie, i feel a bit awkward holding 4 needles and two colors of yarn all at one time. i had to sit in total silence and concentrate good and hard. but it's not so bad once you get the hang of it. so, manly mittens, here we come.
(2) entrelac? janet is knitting entrelac??? yeah, i taught myself last night. i love it. except for the annoying picking up stitches constantly, it's damn easy, too.
(3) the really insane part: perhaps you can't tell from the picture above... but, well, that entrelac blob needs to eventually amass itself into a scarf. those are size 4 needles. and this is a christmas gift. yes, i decided to knit a scarf on size 4s with less than 3 weeks (not to mention 3 more finals) until christmas. i think that it's better if i not tell you how long it took to knit thoses 3.5 sections. so, for those keeping track, that's 2 new knitting skills, tiny gauge, 16 days until Christmas, and the possibility of envoking some form of the boyfriend-sweater-curse.

for those who are interested, the yarn is Karabella aurora 4 in colorways 8170 (dark blue) and 17 (bright blue)


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