Monday, August 27, 2007

Finished Objects/ Unfinished Apartment

In an unprecedented onslaught of productivity yesterday while TD napped, I finished 3 (count 'em - THREE!) scarves.

Multi-Directional Diagonal Scarf:

Martha Scarf:

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf:

In my euphoria of having a manageable number of things on the needles, I even spent some time working on My So-Called Scarf. TD's Harry Potter scarf is done, but needs to be reblocked before I put the fringe on, either with waaaay more pins or blocking wire. As is, it's a bit... well, scalloped on the sides. Not really what I was going for.

As for the move, things are are still (more than) a bit of a mess around the apartment. We've reached the point where we can use all of the rooms for the intended purpose if we are careful to dodge all of the piles o' crap still all over the place.
At the center of the re-oganization process is the stash. Previously, the stash was hidden away in a special shoes and stash enormous closet. However, the doubling of the occupancy of the apartment does not permit an entire closet to be used for shoes and yarn (gasp!). The shoe situation (note that I refuse to call it a "problem" or an "addiction") has been handled with some teary throwing away of boxes and the purchase of several large shoe racks. The stash, however, has not been "handled". So the entire stash is currently sitting, in overflowing boxes and bags... right in the middle of the bedroom floor. Oy.

In other news, I am slowly, slowly, slowly working my way through the 266 posts on my bloglines since I've been gone. Even if I haven't managed to comment yet, I'm working on it!!


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