Friday, December 14, 2007

Internet, Sminternet

I've been reminded in no uncertain terms this week that it's really important to remember that there are consequences for your internet activities. People read what you've written - possibly more people than you realize - and they don't necessarily pick up on your sense of humor, sarcasm, or teasing.

In one case, I was the one who was stung by someone else's writing. In the other case, I was the one who did the stinging. (Apparently, karma is indeed a bitch.)

Anyway, the case where I was the hurtful one is the most bothersome to me. I never intended to be mean-spirited, but my actions were definitely construed that way. Particularly because I had just been on the other side of the fence on this issue, I'm troubled by my own lack of caution, and this has definitely been a wake-up call.

Oh, right. This is supposed to be a knit blog. Onward!

I'm almost finished with the One Row scarf... only a week late. Oops. Oh well, I think it will still be appreciated. Besides, it's more of a "thank you for being awesome" gift than a Christmas gift. I may finish at lunch today, if luck holds - I put my Chibbi in my pocket this morning to weave in the ends, just in case!

I've been neglecting the "me! me! me!" knitting in favor of gift knitting, and I don't see any end to that trend. My things-to-knit-before-Christmas list keeps growing... so much for my pledge of sanity this year. *sigh*

I want to knit something quick for my secretary to personalize the gift card/wad of cash I'll be handing to her. If I could get my hands on the Holiday Interweave, those garter mug cozies or the Koolhass hat (ummm, plus I want one of these for myself too) might be just the ticket, but so far I haven't had any luck. If I don't find it soon, I'll have to pick something else and just go with it. Boo.

Also, I haven't started TD's mom's hat yet. That on the "to do" this weekend - but I better get my butt over to the bead shop asap!

And, the kicker: I found out last night that my holiday plans now include meeting my cousin's baby for the first time ever (she's already like 8 months old)! It seems ashame to pass up the opportunity to knit some cute baby-wear! Maybe just a hat and mitten set? I've gotta do something!


At 8:39 PM, Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

I highly recommend the Koolhaas, it's a fantastic pattern and is doable in a weekend.

I know, I've recently had my feelings hurt as well, and it makes you feel doubly silly because it's on the internet after, right? Who cares? But still, that's not entirely true...


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