Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i've been on a yarn-buying rampage, and i must be stopped.
no, seriously.

less than a year ago, i had no stash. do you hear me? NO STASH. none.

today? today i pouted that my elann.com order still didn't arrive (it shipped over a week ago - from Washington state, which I realize is far away from Washington, DC... but still, I want my yarn and I want it now) and cheered myself up by ordering some knitpicks yarn which i plan to use to make.... well, this, for starters.

and then there is the LYS, which I should not be allowed to go anywhere near. last week i nearly shrieked with joy upon finding the exact color and amount of manos that i've been coveting to make my so-called scarf. and picked up one or two (okay, fine.... four) other goodies while i was there.

i promise that pictures will be forthcoming, but i'm holding them hostage until the following things occur:
(1) i organize my stash, which requires buying some sort of stash-holding containers because the two lovely baskets currently in use are no longer cutting it
(2) i finish blocking Kristen's branching out (i promise you, it's beautiful already)
(3) some of this internet ordered yarn actually shows up (do you hear me, usps? get a move on!)
(4) the fingerless gloves i'm making for my roommate look more like gloves and less like strange tubes of yarn.

don't even ask me how many projects i've got on my needles, let alone how many projects i've got brewing in my head.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

i have been avoiding posting for awhile because even thinking about drudging through everything makes me feel emotionally exhausted. i have a bunch of stuff to share, but i have a sneeking suspicion that i will run out of steam before i get through it all.

okay, here goes:

the entrelac scarf was finished in time for christmas, due in large part to several marathon 10+ hour knitting days. i put so much thought and effort into it that when i finished it i felt both relieved and let down. the let down wasn't due to the result, though; i think that it turned out beautifully.

i almost didn't give it to the intended recepient, as it is reasonably clear to me that he does not deserve it, but in the end i decided that if every detail was custom made for him that he should have it. importantly, i wanted him to have it. i was so worried that he wouldn't like it, wouldn't appreciate it, or wouldn't wear it. in the end, i suppose that it won't matter. the process matters, and i learned more than one important lesson from this process. most of those lessons had nothing to do with knitting.

jesus, i'm already emotionally exhausted. let's move on to something much happier (and much cuter): i've been knitting baby things (for my soon-to-be second cousin)! and holy crap they're cute!

take a look-see: