Tuesday, May 15, 2007

okay. i'm not dead. unfortunately, my computer is. that's keeping me from blogging, but happily, not from knitting.

i started my very first clapotis (i know, how late to this bandwagon am i?) about 2 weeks ago. i'm almost done, despite having adding a few extra straight knitting sections... which makes this an olympic-knitting-fast knit. that's mostly because i knit for 3 hours straight on my trip down to the bay last week after finals were over.

i took pictures. and the New Boy (he is not so new anymore, and really deserves a better name) has volunteered his computer for uploading and posting, which i may break down and take him up on. he thinks i'm cute, and totally tolerates the whole knit blogging thing. i think that he secretly really likes my nerdiness. i not-so-secretly like him.

in other news, graduation is next weekend, and the Big Move is now one week away. i'm super-freaking-out, but trying not to let it show too much.