Monday, February 18, 2008

And the Winner Is....

Cheryl:) ! Cheryl, I left a comment on your blog - please email me so that we can get you the winnings!! Congratulations!! (also, as a side note - it appears that Cheryl is having a bad day. I bet she would appreciate some extra comments to chear her)

Jody asked what MY answers to the questions would be, so here goes:
1. Most loved handknit: My Clapotis (rav link). It is over-sized and warm, and it almost makes super cold days worthwhile. Close second is my Roman-Earflap Hat. I wear this thing constantly.
2. I most enjoyed knitting: My ZigZag Stripes Chevron Scarf (rav link). The colors are so pretty, the pattern is so simple, and I loved every minute of it.

On a much more somber note:

I meant to pick the winner over the weekend, but - as tends to happen- life got in the way. We've had a rough go of things chez tightlywound these past few days. A day of local skiing took a downward turn (horribly bad pun not intended), resulting in multiple emergency rooms, an extended hospital stay, and what will eventually be a very long road to recovery for TD's father, who sustained a very serious shoulder injury.

TD and I have been neither sufficiently rested nor caffeinnated since the accident. Fine for me, as I can review documents on minimal sleep (and there is ample coffee available at work). Less fine for TD, who takes the PA bar exam in less than 8 days.

Please send us warm thoughts.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Big Change, Big Contest

Big Change

First, the announcement!

I'd like to welcome my sister, Loosely Knit (aka Laura), to the blog!

The universe alligned in such a way that this change seemed to be the perfect, inevitable step.
(1) I have a Big Girl Job, and don't have enough time to spend in the blogosphere anymore
(2) I taught my sister how to knit this summer, and she's a pro already
(3) My sister joined ravelry, and needed a screenname. A quick search told me that "looselyknit" was not taken (I'm "tightlywound" on rav)

And To Celebrate (and a flagrant attempt to get new readers) - A BIG Contest
I agonized over this for awhile. What to offer as the perfect prize? How to choose the winner?
In the end, I'm going for the easy "leave a comment to enter" route. Since we're nearing the big V-day, it's a lovey dovey theme. In your comment, just tell me:
1. Your most loved handknit (made by you or someone else)
2. The thing you've most loved knitting (whether or not you loved the finished piece)
I'll also ask that you do one other thing. We're going on the honor system here. If you're on Ravelry, go favorite something that you love that is made by a stranger-to-you and leave a comment for the person telling them why you love their knit. If you're not on Rav, leave a comment for a new-to-you knit blogger.
Let's spread the LOVE!
Now, the important part - THE PRIZE
In asking knittings what they really wanted (for blog prize purposes), I realized that we all love different things. Also, half of the fun is picking out the things that YOU love.
So, in that vein, I've decided that the prize will be:
a $100 gift certificate to your LYS!
I'll contact the winner to find out their preferred LYS. If you'd like, you can split the dollar amount between places, including online vendors (as long as they offer gift certificates).
So, go get that cashmere you've been drooling on for months. Buy the sock blockers you never treat yourself to. Finally make a Clapotis out of the real-deal Lion and Lamb. Stop using that lampshade as a swift. Or buy a sweater's worth of your favorite!
Love the yarny goodness!
Okay kiddos, go tell your friends.
Fine print:
Contest ends Friday, Feb. 15
Sorry Mom - in the interest of fairness, you cannot win
Winner will be chosen by a random number generator or by my boyfriend picking names out of a hat (depending on number of entries, and my boyfriend's agreeability next weekend).
ETA: dudes, crochet totally counts. We don't discriminate 'round here (on purpose). So when I say "handknit," I mean handcrafted with yarn ;-)

Monday, February 04, 2008

One finished sock

it fits! well... kind of. I can physically get it on my foot, but getting the leg portion over my heel is quite a challenge. For the second sock, I cast on with 2 needles held together and then knit a row before starting the twisted rib... the LYS promises this will make a stretchier cuff, and it sure seems to be the case.
The LYS also promised to hold my hand if I decide to cut the top off and reknit the ribbing of sock #1. I think I'll see how sock #2 fits before attempting surgery...
In terms of the Big Giveaway Contest, stay tuned! I'm still conjuring up some prizes, though. I think it will be some sort of combo prize, hopefully something to please everyone! More details later in the week, I promise!