Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Change is A' Comin' (also: I like knitting socks)

If you don't care about my sock adventures, skip to the bottom for the Big Change teeser.

I managed to turn the heel, and have been proceeding without much fuss through the foot. There was a moment of temporary panic when a dpn came sliding out of my bag (and obviously off of the live stitches), but a calm closing of my office door, a deep breach, and quick remedial action (and luck that there were no yos involved) fixed that slight misstep.

I've also managed to break 2 bamboo dpns. I'm using my US #1s, which are metal Susan Bates cheepies, but I like them for their sturdiness and slickness. However, Monkeys are meant to be knit on 5 needles, and I've only got 4 metal ones. Since I had a bamboo set, it seemed silly to buy more metal ones (and my gauge isn't different enough to matter when it's just one needle), so I've been using 4 metal needles and one bamboo needle.

The first one broke when I was trying the sock on pre-heel turn. They are SNUG (probably slightly too snug). While they fit well on the leg and foot (measurements that I took and felt good about when deciding to go down to a size 1 for this pattern), they are very challenging to get on over the heel. I'm hoping that this will all come out in the wash (literally), but trying it on with a bamboo dpn still attached snapped that dpn right in half.

The second dpn broke right in my hand as I was knitting. I am obviously hard on needles, and after I break the other 3 bamboo size 1s, I suppose I will have to break down and shell out the couple bucks for a second set of metal size 1s (gasp! a couple of dollars! yes, I realize this is positively s-t-u-p-i-d given how much I spend on yarn without batting an eye, not to mention those lantern moon circs I love so much cost)

Anyway, it turns out that I like knitting socks. I am the queen of being late to bandwagons (see: Clapotis, Spring 2007), so please just hush up and let me have my moment, here.

In a moment of stress and weekness today at work, I made my second purchase from TLE - yes, more sock yarn. I also bought a sock blocker, which seemed like a good thing to have (and also scored me free shipping).

I bought:

And if you think that wasn't insane enough, I also ordered this. Because obviously having knit 3/4 of a sock qualifies me for that kind of insanity? Or maybe I just don't want to be late to a bandwagon for once?? I can't help it, I dig those leaves!

Also, a teeser: There is a Big Change in the works at Tightly Wound, Loosely Knit blogdom. There shall be much fanfare, celebration, and a Big Yarn Giveaway Contest* to go along with it. Get excited. Tell your friends. But don't hold your breath, the unveiling is next week. **

*Big Yarn Giveaway Contest is still in the conceptual stage. I'd appreciate some input! What knitting related thing do you reallyreallyreally want? Anything! A book, yarn, gadget, pattern, gift certificate? What? Pretend that the sky is the limit (it's not. I've still gotta pay rent and student loans, yo. But having never done a giveaway, and having reason to celebrate means the limit is somewhat closer to the sky than usual)... So seriously. Whatdayawant?

**Tightly Wound is not responsible for any passing out prior to Big Change unveiling

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How I spent my Day Off

That, my friends, is the entire leg of my Very First Sock (not counting the toe I knit about a year ago in the toe-up STR penis pattern. A toe is not a sock, and that one was ripped out right-quick, never reaching sock status).
In case you've been living under a rock, the pattern is Knitty's Monkey, and this is Lorna's Laces Super Sock in amethyst stripe - knit on US size 1 dpns.
Please forgive the mediocre photography. I couldn't wait to show you!

Yesterday's conversation:
TD: what's that you're knitting there?
me: a sock
TD: huh. Well, you have enough scarves. You don't have too many socks.
me: yes, that was sort of the idea. I'll ask that you hold your applause until after I have successfully turned the heel.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2007 FO Mosaic

2007 FO Mosaic
Originally uploaded by janetmerlene

It took me a positively stupid amount of time to figure out how to make this mosaic.

But, I did it.... 23 (out of 24 - one was gifted prior to photographing) FOs of 2007

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First FO of 2008 and Happy New Year!

Pattern: Roman Earflap Hat, by Mintyfresh
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino DK, pink
Needles: US size 5 16" circ, and US size 5 dpns
After dragging my feet on this project for way to long thanks to the holiday knitting, I picked it back up yesterday and finished (I only had one earflap and the pom poms left to finish). Just in time since I awoke to a bit of a snowstorm...

Looking back at 2007, it's hard to believe what a year I've had. So many changes!
In 2007, I:
graduated from law school
passed the bar exam
started my first "real job"
started adult-ish things like a 401(k)
fell in love
moved to Pittsburgh
moved in with aformentioned love
traveled to: Detroit, Las Vegas, Ft Lauderdale, [Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Grand Cayman - on the cruise], Boston, and Chicago
was a bridesmaid in my best friend from High School's wedding

Knitting-wise, 2007 was a pretty big learning year. For the first time, I:
knit lace
took a knitting class
knit with beads
did the kitchner stitch
joined some bandwagons: Chevron Scarves and a Clapotis
knit a hat (then proceeded to knit many many more hats)

Like most, I have many goals for 2008.
(1) give up the snooze button (probably my worst habit)
(2) get back into shape/loose the weight that snuck up on me/stop wasting my gym membership. As soon as I figure out how to add something to the template to calculate miles run/walked this year, look for it in the sidebar.
(3) knit colorwork