Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chevron Mania and My Last Week of Freedom

The Chevron Scarf is just too alluring. Too addicting. Too amazing. Too dazzling. I couldn't help myself. I just love watching the colors melt together.

This version is knit with two skeins of Koigu on size 6 needles using Debbie Bliss' Zigzag Stripes scarf pattern from Scarf Style.

As usual, the camera isn't doing a very good job of capturing the vibrant beautiful colors. You'll just have to take my word on this one: It's a dream.

Okay, but this is going to be the last scarf for awhile. I have a closet full of beautiful scarves, all most all of which I'm madly in love with. I'm beyond that point as a knitter where I think it's lame to knit flat rectangles. As long as I'm enjoying those rectangles (and occasionally learning something new, anyway), who cares? Being realistic, however, I recognize that there is a limited number of scarves that one person can reasonably wear. I fear I may be rapidly approaching that number (even taking into account my very liberal definition of "reasonable").

So, what next?
Well, I cast on yesterday and blew through 2/3 of the Anthropologie-Inspired Caplet (total misnomer, the damn thing has sleeves.... which in my book makes it a cropped cardigan). I'm banking on the LYS having another skein or two of the Superchucky Cashmerino I'm using (but only bought just recently, so I feel good about my odds). I had enough yardage that the pattern calls for to make a "S-M", but the pattern length on my.... errr, rather well-endowed chest was comical at best. Let's just say I REALLY need another skein's worth of length unless I want the thing to stop mid-boob... which is really not the look that I'm going for, in the end.

After that?
Hats. I have an almost impossible to control urge to knit more hats. Probably another Odessa. Probably Santa Cruz. Definitely some mittens. Definitely as much stash-busting as possible.

Then? Sweaters. From Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits, which I've been salivating on for months now. I want to do an elongated version of the Puff-sleeved Cardigan. Maybe the Elizabeth Bennet Cardigan. Or perhaps the Cozy V-Neck Pullover? Ohh, and definitely the Back to School U-Neck Vest.

Right. Except.... except, back here in reality? Here in reality, I start My Very First Big Girl Job on Monday. Sure, it starts with a plane ride for knitting time. But something tells me that working for BigLaw might cut into my knitting time just a teensy weensy bit. Sigh. But in my dreams? In my dreams I'll have 4 new sweaters, 8 new hats, and 6 new pairs of mittens before Christmas. Oh, and I'll miraculously gain the ability to finish the Highland Triangle Shawl, too.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wisp and Odessa

The onslaught of FOs continues!

I finished knitting Wisp a couple of days ago, and got around to blocking her yesterday. God, blocking even the simplest lace is still a little slice of heaven.
I haven't decided if I'm adding the buttons or not. I like how she looks as-is, but if I can find some perfect shell buttons, I may give it a whirl.

Lest you think I've been perfectly disciplined and finishing only the UFOs on the needles, I present Odessa, which I cast on after finishing Wisp (but before finishing the entrelac scarf and the Dreaded Highland Triangle Shawl of Doom, of course).

Odessa was knit for my mother, but has already been gifted, so she's no longer a secret. This was my first go-around with beads, and I kind of love it. Happily, when I decided to knit Odessa for my mom ages ago, I hadn't decided on a color, so I bought beads to match 3 additional colors of dk weight wool in my stash... so, you know, if I want one for myself I could probably make that happen. Besides, it looks so cute on me, don'tcha think?

Now, if it would only stop being so freaking hot and humid! I'm SO ready for fall weather.